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TULSI is an art and textile studio reflective of nature and the space we feel at home with inside and outside. That space we want to return to day to day and be authentic and peaceful. We create designs that are timeless and that have a soft intensity where shapes wave and run and grace abounds. Our goods are all hand made using the processes of weaving, block-printing, and tufting. Every piece is individual with every unique and special movement that anchored a stitch, weave, or block- print. The designs are inspired by Native American art, Nepalese vintage textiles, the Bauhaus, aerial topography, and forms in nature. We work with sustainable materials and natural pigments free of toxins.

Each piece we make is hand done in small batches. Tulsi is rooted in nature and the people who create every piece of it. It is full of life and love. We do not own the earth or the laws that govern nature hence respecting its beauty and revering its greatness. The Tulsi line represents the spontaneity of nature and the reciprocal beauty we innately feel to it.

Tulsi, or Tulasi, is an elixir of life in Ayurveda used as a tea and also worshiped in Vaishnava traditions in Hinduism. Tulsi's vision stems from nature and yogic philosophy based in The Vedas. The forms brought together that make pattern for the collections is an intuitive and heartfelt vision of calm and active forms that meet at a balanced point of focus much like the that of a tree that moves with a storm but stays beautifully planted in serenity.

sketch PROCESS

Ideas start in many different sketchbooks and play out in pencil, pen, ink and collage.