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What began as a dream slowly developed into a reality. If we are determined enough to follow our heart, then our vision and goals will be fulfilled with much knowledge of our karmic gifts and dharma, or role and duty in life. I wanted to design textiles for quite some time but had not found the tools or community. In 2011 I went to India for the first time. I met the ones who would ground this vision and also my faith and determination. But then, the biggest role yet appeared as being a mother to two amazing little boys and I patiently took small but large steps to launching Tulsi. I gave birth to two children sixteen months apart. This line of textiles and spirited vision birthed itself alongside my children.

I feel so very blessed to have been led into a group of artisans by those in the Vaishnava lineage. It was a much auspicious journey from Vrindavan to Jaipur in 2015 where I first met the block printing team at Block Print House. I steadily eased into creating a few scarves and began developing the line further with pillows and table linens. I like to feel that even though there are many things in the world we can consciously create usable items charged with a high vibration and frequency whilst supporting communities of artisan printers, weavers, and many more. Although the world is constantly making things, some things are made without care, joy, and fair compensation. Everyone should earn a fair wage and be able to stay dedicated to their craft be it drawing, sculpting or sewing. Hence, exercising sacred production on artisan made items based in good intentions and energy for you and your home. 

Each piece we make is hand done from ink mixing to hand washing to stitching to block carving. Tulsi is rooted in nature and the people who create every piece of it. It is full of life and love. I am not simply making things to make things. I am creating for the purpose of creative life lived well and to provide employment to those who are keeping the sacred art of block printing and weaving alive. I am creating with intention and following a strong pull I have felt for a long time... A love for the interior spaces we inhabit and how we walk upon the earth leaving little trace of harm. We do not own the earth or the laws that govern nature hence respecting its beauty and revering its greatness. The Tulsi line represents the spontaneity of nature and the reciprocal beauty we innately feel to it. The greatest gift we can give is ourselves and service.

Tulsi, or Tulasi, is an elixir of life in Ayurveda used as a tea and also worshiped in Vaishnava traditions in Hinduism. Tulsi's vision stems from nature and yogic philosophy based in The Vedas. The forms brought together that make pattern for the collections is an intuitive and heartfelt vision of calm and active forms that meet at a balanced point of focus much like the that of a tree that moves with a storm but stays beautifully planted in serenity.

sketch PROCESS

Ideas start in many different sketchbooks and play out in pencil, pen, ink and collage.